A spot of painting.

For the past few weeks Davy and I have been trying our hand at a bit of panel beating and painting.

After several nights a searching our computers for colour scemes that would suit our boxy Toyotas we were off down to Colourworks in Penrose to pick a colour!

Davy had found a nice old 70’s skyline that was painted a teal colour so he was sold on that, as for myself I had been toying with ideas of silvers, gunmetals etc but after being told I have to strip the car back to bare metal I wasn’t so keen, I ended up with a dark violet colour in a industrial enamel paint, not ideal but as the cars used for drifting and is regularly getting tyres blow up and nice but scratches up the rear quarter panels I thought it would be all id need.

Warwick (waz) is a boat builder by trade so he had more of an idea about painting and panel type work than us so we were under his guidance when it came to most of the work, he would end up doing alot of it for us cheers buddy!

Moving on, so anyway each night after work included getting cold beers from the fridge and wet and dry sand paper and sanding! Pretty boring but beats paying someone else to do it.

The cars took a fair bit of bog, around 1 litre in the Soarer and 2 litres in the Carina mainly because we pulled the fenders out and ended up making a bit of a mess of it!

Anyway heres a few pics of our sweet spray booth and cars!


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