Manji Day 28.03.2009 Garage Slipway Pics

So it holds true that the weather in Auckland is more settled between after New Years till around Easter Weekend… well thank f*** for that because if it had rained on Saturday we would have been super mega dega peeved and bummed cos drifting in the wet is poos.

Instead the morning was crisp and clear and a nice sunny day was panning out. Only Mike and I (Davy) were taking cars this time – Waz sold his ultra reliable gangster Cresta, Evan was wif da missus/poor as, and where was Nigel???! Time to hit the road.

It was a busy weekend for drifting in the North Island. We were headed down to Meremere for Joe Manji Day, but Driftopia was on at Pukekohe Raceway, D1 and D2NZ was on at Waikaraka Park (left hand corner clay track battles, nah jokes) and I think some drifting was also on at Taupo Raceway too! On the way down we saw Jonny Blaze and his 4AGE KE70 hooning down SH1.

I think this was the 4th Manji Day I’ve been to making it also the number of times I’ve been drifting. Mike has been to 1 more Manji Day than I have, but he’s had track (and not so track) experience in the past and it shows in his driving.

Here’s an old pic of his 1GGTE Mark II Grande GX61 at an old Driftopia event held at Pukekohe Raceway.

I was real keen to get better at my Manji’s and going into a U turn in one movement. My other goals were to not hit any cones (failed) and to have the car still going at the end of the day (failed). Anyway, some action shots (didn’t get many from our cameras, will tax other people’s ones when they come out…). The layout was sweet. You had Manji’s and Figure 8’s at one end, a nice little course with a S-bend and two hairpin’s in the middle, and a doughnut ring at the other end.

Me in the Carina doing Manji’s and coming into a hairpin.

Waz in the Carina doing the course in the middle.

Heading back to the pits with the Kelly 65’s popped – hurrah!

Mike’s Soarer towards the end of the day doing a big fig 8 to Manji, to doughnut/hairpin configuration.

And again… (I think Waz is also driving in one of these photos, had to give poor Waz a bit of a drive otherwise he’d be getting withdrawls from not currently having a drift car!)

1UZ is just 2EZ.

So it was going good until the altenator in the Carina s*** itself… AGAIN… after being fully refurbished to the tune of $400.00. This began to happen at around noon. So we thought it was a good idea to swap batteries around seeing the one in the Soarer would have been charging. Good idea. It worked a treat, and when it died again we swapped back.

Except what are the chances that altenators in BOTH cars crap out on the same day? 100%. I figured my battery was infected with Altenator Aids and infected the Soarer’s altenator… Tarran txts Mike later ‘How come you guys weren’t using protection?’


More pics and vids to come!!!


4 thoughts on “Manji Day 28.03.2009 Garage Slipway Pics

  1. Nigel didnt get enough shit ready with the car before time ran out – need to go practise a bit with the new diff/subframe before next time. worried about oil starve from the un-baffled sump, and whatnot.. but enough excuses! need an arse kicking!

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