Before and After


After. Photo courtesy of Chris Cain Photography and beeoneoneoh.

I have to say, I’m really stoked with the paint job and new colour on the Carina. Waz did a good job! The old colour was a factory silver, quite a nice colour actually except that it had more dings on the body than Kirstin Dunne-Powell has had falls down the stairs (ouch, literally) and surface rust like acne had just hit a 13 year old boy. Also the bonnet and both front guards from another Carina that was light blue (thanks ginga ninja). Just gotta get me a front left indicator light now! $70 bucks from Spartan anyone? Not keen!!! I miss the orange and black ‘Twin Cam Turbo’ decals though :(.


2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. yo brutha. if you want new black and orange turbo graphics drop me a message on one of the various online communication websites your on heh. might be able to sort something out for ya 😉 lovin the new color!

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