1UZ to stay or to go?

A bit confused about the direction I want to take my Soarer at the moment. I’m pretty much at a dead end with the amount of power the 1UZ will produce without spending thousand’s on it – either turbo charging or N/A mods like cams, individual throttles etc.

So it brings me to the hard part, sell the 1UZ setup and fit a 1JZ from a JZX90 or similar or be content with the power of the 1UZ and just beat it into the ground as usual.

I really would love to keep myself entertained with the Soarer as I really like the shape and the overall chassis seems pretty forgiving to drift and rather nimble to drive. But I really need to do something new to keep myself entertained!

Anyway I will offer the 1UZ engine set up to sell for the mean time. If someone is really interested in buying it I guess that will make my decision for me.

If anyone would like to comment or suggest anything I’m up for it! Also, leave a message if anyone is interested in discussing prices etc for the engine set up.



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