100% Kiwi Rock (there will be some new car stuff posted soon)

Back in 6th form I bought this bad arse CD called ‘100% Kiwi Rock’ featuring mainly 90’s and late 90’s songs. I still have it and it’s sooo sweet (except for the Zed song, which someone mistakenly put on the album but thankfully there is such a thing as a ‘next track’ button).

To atone for the lack of posting recently, here is a filler for you to enjoy (blogging is like going for a run, I’ve started one but I’ll post something on it later). Garage Slipway approves of sweet music, especially good Kiwi Rock. Enjoy the songs (minus Zed, and some other ones I couldn’t find) and album in the form of YouTube videos below:

1. Pressure Man – The Feelers
2. Home Again – Shihad
3. Calling On – Weta
4. Bliss – Th’ Dudes
5. Oh Daisy – Zed (oh noes!)
6. Andrew – Fur Patrol (zombi lezzo lookin chick)
7. Sitting Inside My Head – Supergroove
8. Jesus I Was Evil – Darcy Clay
9. Cornbag – HLAH (you know, the song that goes ‘see you on the otherside… do do do)
10. Fingerpops – Garageland
11. Just The Way – Eye TV (can’t find a video for this song)
12. Landslide – Breathe (nor this but the chorus goes ‘it’s a landslide, caught on the wrong side…’ blah blah)
13. La La Lu Lu – Exponents (same again, but have posted another Exponents vid because you can’t get enough of Jordan Luck even after you’ve been to the 20/20 on a Friday, then down to the pub for drinks, then the Ellerslie races on Sat and then to a Super 14 game; all of which there is a proven 110% chance that you would have heard a Dance Exponents song… You may tear your hair out and jump off a tall building now)
14. I Love My Leather Jacket – The Chills
15. I Wanna Know – Dead Flowers (performed live on ICE TV… OMG ICE TV :D!!!!!)
16. Blind – Tadpole (a song about an experience the lead singer had)
17. Green – Goodshirt (awesome video)
18. Dominion Road – Muttonbirds (one of my fav NZ songs, used to live down St Albans Road and go down to Potters Park when I was a little kid etc)
19. Birthday – Stereobus (why is Jason Fa’afoi in Stereobus?)

On a less serious note, there will be 1UZ grip style down at Pukekohe Raceway this Sat. Come down and watch some real V8’s (cos your 308 SS Commy is eats as bro!) do some laps and sneaky D1’s.

Mike and Evan amongst a crazy fast R32 GTS-4 at a Pukekohe test day about a year ago.


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