Oh noes (Pukekohe Test Day 18 April 2009)

There was a Pukekohe test day on today that a couple of the boys had been talking about going to. Mike took the Soarer and Evan the Mark II. There was a great showing of 80’s Toyota machinery there. In addition to Mike and Evans cars, there was also Tarran 4AGTE AE85, Chris 4AGE KP61, Ken 3SGE AA60, Glenn 1UZ TA63 and also another 2 KP Starlets plus all the other cars that were there.

Mike speeding down the front straight with Glenn in his orange 1UZ TA63 in the background.
Tarran in his 4AGTE AE85.

Evan, some Lotus looking thing (had twin side draughts, probably 3S?) and Glenn.

Tarran, Evan and Glenn coming into the chicane.

…and out of Castrol Corner onto the back straight.

That’s all for now. Horray some car stuff!!!

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