Sweet Toyota Super Cuzzy Van

Random post time. I gotta say that putting 17×7 +45 chrome mag wheels on your 12a monsta-bridgey Bongo van is pretty much up there with UGH YUCK! car/van styling. So here’s a van with taste.

This is a 1987 Toyota Super Cuzzy (Custom) owned by a Toyota nut down in Wellington called Alan (or Seedy Al as he is known). Lowered on 16 inch SSR Reverse Mesh – suitable wheels for the era, and suitable size being a larger van. What I love best, apart from the fact that its 80’s and Toyota, is the brown with gold pinstripes and beige with brown pinstripes and gold wheels and most probably brown and tan interior. How good is that colour combonation? If your car, let alone van, has this colour mix then you have reached the pinnacle of car colours. Oh and one last thing – how many dudes do you know who rolls with TWIN BUT VERTICALLY ALIGNED HEADLIGHTS??? It needs a 1KZ then it will be the perfect Toyota van.

Photos courtesy of Michael Galbraith aka Pies.

Al himself – do you still have this thing Al?


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