Yep, we are pretty boring… TIME FOR A FILLER POST!!! How awesome is this kid?

Serious matters – there actually has been a lot going on lately. Some good news, some bad news, some new news some same old news.

I installed some new rear springs into the Carina. Sierra station wagon springs, chopped 1 and a bit coils off and came out to be about the same height as before but a lot stiffer. The coils are about twice the diameter of the old GX71 springs that were in there.

Also, took altenator off and dropped off back to auto sparkie who fixed it to see why the hell it crapped out AGAIN! In the mean time I bought an EA Falcon (nooo bogan parts on the Carina!) altenator, and with a couple of mods it should fit to the 3TGTE. I’ll report on how this goes.

If I get the alt to work and in time then I’m going to a mate’s track day at Pukekohe on Sunday 24th May. And next Joe Manji day is on the 20th June!!!

Other Garage Slipway news – Waz is up to no good, and Mike is selling some bad ass wheels. Not many old Jap wheels available on the NZ market these days. Check em out here on Trade Me.


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