New D1 Machine

Well now that I’ve had this for a while I might as well do a little write up.

Picked up this GX81 with 1UZ and W55 all mounted up for a small sum of money. So far I have set about pulling out motor and gearbox as I plan to run my W58 out of my old car and an A1 turbo, bell-housing and flywheel. Also the fact that I will have to redo the engine mounts a little better.

Plan was to run it NA but that idea got shelved within minutes of the car arriving home. So I bought a T04E with a P-trim exhaust housing and 50mm wastegate. Mike and Evan have started building stainless manifolds to house the turbo and external.

Plans are to use it mainly for drifting but also a few hill climbs and trackdays.

Anyhow, will update as I go and whenever I can be arsed, peace waz.


3 thoughts on “New D1 Machine

  1. awsome man, love x81’s allmost as much as z20.turbo uz will be awsome cant wait to hear it crack the wastegate.should handle nice with the v8 also.

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