MZ11 Soarer update

So, about time I did an update on where the Soarer’s at. Took it to Pukekohe race track for a test and tune day, pretty much last minute decision, no oil changes etc.

Was hooning pretty mean for 15 laps or so then coming down the back straight it felt like something jammed the brakes on and I came to a stop. Turns it the engine ran dry around the sweeper and s-bends and ran #1 big end.

So now for the big decision… I’d been tossing up whether to bin the 1UZ for a 1JZ for a bit more mid to top end grunt. Luckily Old Man Waz is putting a 1UZ into the GX81 so he needed all my 1UZ bits to get his going!

Ended up scoring a 1JZGTE from a JZX90 which is a front sump model, has a new billet flywheel and new cast MK4 Supra bellhousing to suit a W series 5 speed. Unfortunately the engine has cut wiring loom and getting a complete one is proving difficult.

I have made engine mounts from some plans I got off the internet so hopefully they work out fine! Will update with pics once I get motor mounted with box etc.

Also going to do some seam welding in the front end and make some ghetto strut bracing up should help with overall feel of the steering.


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