Manji day photos

Long overdue, i do apologise, but here are some snaps from my go at Manji day. here’s some photos.

Was an incredibly fun day, i can see why those keep coming back again and again. I would totally do it if not for some very revealing things learnt during the time thrashing the car, which Mike and the others already learned the hard way

– 1G has no torque
– shimmed stock LSD for the street is not tight enough for drift use
– old perished tyres arent worth shit to skid on
– grippy front tyres are a must for traction and steering control
– camber and soft suspension has no place in sideways – but looks good on the street. its either drift setup, or street setup, but cant be both unless you have gear that allows for both adjustments. which i dont
and finally
– 1G has no torque

so… whats next then? mike went from 1G to 1uz, and now 1jz. waz went from 1G to 1UZ-T. Evan went from 1G to 1UZ to NO UZ… no one stays on a 1G. its like that transitional drug… ok ok lets smoke some bud for a while… but after a while maybe its time for some fucking cocaine


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