1JZ. No shit.

1J = Boss

To everyone that watches this blog( doubt theres very few anymore), heres a progress update on the Sliding sailplane.

Jzx90 Twin Turbo 1jz-gte installed using engine mount designs from a guy on the toymods forum,
Bolted together with W57 box from parts Soarer, std prop shaft, slave and lines.

Managed to reuse the 5 puck exedy clutch i had left from the v8, still seemed good and never slipped so figured why not!

Me and mate Evan ended up buying a complete front half of a jzx90 cresta, this thing had all the fruit, drift spec teins, 1j,r154, greddy piping kit, TRD 2way, apexi safc, defi gauges etc.
I ended up getting impassionate so i pillages the complete loom and ecu from this engine untill mine arrived from Japan, Before we stripped the half cut we sorta wanted to get an idea of the wiring to get it all running, with our limited knowlege from previous 1g conversions we traced afew wires, Ended up wiring biggish wires to batt, rigging the starter up and with one hand a can of Start ya Basterd and the other the throttle, evan negotiating the wiring we started to crank the motor, BANG first pop the thing just wants to run! awesome so that was the wiring sorted.

So ended up painting the engine bay and threw it all in, Did all the i/c pipes and brackets in aluminium, first time welding it so welds are not so pretty but meh, hacked up and exhaust out of all the left over 3″ stuff we had laying around, just running one resonator in the middle, so its pretty LOUD, the way we like it!

Been for a small blat up the road, seems to have agreat torque and really responsive, i cant wait to take it to a track!

Heres some pics anyway.

Cool JDM sticker!@

Advan ONI tri spokes, Horrid design, Good dish 17×9 +25 205/40

S13 Ali radiator, Ford Mondeo fan set up, best fans by far, 30$ pick a part

Jzx81 strut/steering arm cut and shortened, ae86 pirro castor arms, Got lock?


7 thoughts on “1JZ. No shit.

  1. Fuck me…Lock is ridiculous. like 60 degree + maybe??

    1J is boss, SR20, F20C, 1UZ are its skanky secretarys (1uz is its fat secretary)

  2. sticker is win!

    still got the x90 suspension? how much do you guys want for it? i may be picking up that x100 pretty soon and its gonna need a healthy dose of fender it is hitting ;p

  3. Sure, ill get some pics on that stuff for ya.
    Basically bolted jzx81 steering arms and struts in, ball joint is the same, tie rod end taper is smaller on the soarer, cut the ends off my soarer spindles and welded them on the ends of the jzx81 arms, lots of ways to do it, i made them fairly straight, heard people do that so i tried it, yet to really feel what its like yet. really need more pics and tech stuff in this blog

  4. Just let me know, not too many people in the US have cut up the knuckles yet, so it'd be nice to see what you're doing over there!

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