Random snaps from China trip

I went back recently to my home town Bejing, China  for a holiday.  I took a few photos of mostly random cars and vehicles from over there.  The car industry in China is pretty dull.  On the roads you’ll mostly see new model Japanese and European, family and luxury sedans and SUV’s, most of which are assembled and increasingly manufactured in China also.

However there are some very different and mostly funny looking vehicles around such as 3-wheeled motorbikes and cars.

P1010182 P1010122 P1010345

It also seemed that the modified car scene in Beijing was in its early days, but I did spot a couple of nice EVO’s, a Mark X with kit and mags and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted a new model Toyota Crown with a Junction Produce kit slammed as on some nice looking spokey VIP wheels!!!  But I forgot to take my camera with me that day so I guess you don’t believe me huh?  There are also Chinese manufacturer cars that have been modified… mostly in F&TF ricer style!

P1010335 P1010344

And one last pic of the traffic on Chang An Street, heading towards Tian An Men Square a couple of days before October 1, National Day.



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