Grass Roots. G Slipway 07

Here’s a few pictures of the original Slipway creation.


A pic from a Project Bengal day at Pukekohe, now called Driftopia.


Mark aka Jebus and I… who would have thought we would meet up again years later and still doing the same old shit!

boso boys 001

Mark Buckland, Tup, Alex and I were mostly the only Toyota’s showing up to the drift events.


The GX61 was straight gangster, smoked up pretty well.


This thing was hella sketchy around the Puke sweeper.  Surprised it was only the bumper falling off!


Looking very JDM.

mark II 011


One thought on “Grass Roots. G Slipway 07

  1. I remember the first time I saw this car I was at a friend’s party next door to Simon’s place (didn’t know he lived next door). You guys were there with the GX and I was a bit pissed, wondered outside, saw the car and was like ‘AW THIS CAR IS MEANN!!! DO A SKID BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’. And you were like ‘oh nah don’t have much gas ay… heh’. But I was still like ‘AW COME ONNNNN DO A SKID BRO!!!’. Then you did a sweet skid up the road hahahaha… so sweet.

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