ONEJAYZED Dump pipes.

Soarer kinda needed a big bit of loving, so i decided to finish making my individual splitter dump pipe’s.
The whole twin turbo set up is a real pain in the ass to pull on and off, so that took me all of yesterday (with alot of pissing about) hehe.
On stock dump pipes my car made 196kw at 12psi, im hoping to gain 10-20kw with these at 1 bar boost.
I’ve read up abit on them on some Australian forums and there ment to give you less Lag and help the little turbo’s survive the thrashing they get.

Also Decided to treat My W57 to some fresh oil, Apperently the Redline shockproff stuff is ment to save the gearbox’s, as i cant afford to replace a gearbox, $100 of oil might just save me that hassle.

So this is all leading up to a debut Drift meeting on the 29th at Hampton Downs, New Zealands newest racetrack, Should be an awesome experience, we checked out the track last weekend and it looks Unreal! Check Ollie’s blog for some footage here..

So yea, a smallish update but should be alot more to come in the next few weeks.



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