Hampton Down’s, D2.

So the day finally came when we got to drift on New Zealand’s newest and best track.  What a wicked track is all I can say. Even though we were only on there for 2 hours, it seemed like forever. Huge elevation, changes and tight hairpin corners meant it took a bit to get used too. Big handbrake slow up’s and endless Manji’s meant the tyres didn’t last long.

All I can say is that we have been waiting for a decent place to drift and it’s finally come, you will definitely see us there very regularly! Only disapointment was the lack of a Bar/Pub outside the track, I guess that wouldnt seem right though would it :).


5 thoughts on “Hampton Down’s, D2.

  1. I heard f20c hit vtec and got stuck in the sand trap!

    Awsome job gary slippy both cars looking awsome 4GM (4th gear Mike)
    owning 10x more smoke than honda boy!

    Waz car looks awsome for a brand new setup you cant complain. few more tweaks to get it 100%

    Feb 10 anyone?

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