gary slippy videos from hampton downs

I followed the boys down to Hampton Downs for the twilight meet with a little pocket cam – I’m no photographer but I did what I could to capture the lads in action. Got some footage of the first uphill-over-crest section that you hit right after descending from the front straight.  Pretty cool, especially Mike’s successful linking of that entire section all the way down the crest on to the far right hander – awesome. Also got one vid of Mike and Waz on the downhill hairpin before the climb to the front straight again. What are the names of these damned corners anyway??

Click here to  download all the vids in full quality and for my gallery of pics. Hover your mouse over the vid files to read the names so you know what’s what.

Had to leave early as I was double booked for something else but still – fun as day and was great inspiration to get my car up to a driftable spec so next time I can attempt to join in!


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