new churbs ow bey

Mike dubbed it ‘the longest turbo conversion ever’ which is not far from the truth… if not an understatement.

But before Xmas last year I bought a TD05 (prob off an early Evo) that came with a stainless manifold for a 3TGTE.  It was a good deal and I was keen on getting a bit more power from the Carina  so snapped it up off Trade Me. After a month of f***ing around with getting it to fit and stuff (ups) I finally finished installing it and took it for a drive tonight.

It went good – a bit more lag than the CT20 but not much and definitely more grunt running 12-13psi with an external wastegate.  Gotta get a new dump pipe made, reconnect it to the exhaust and get a dump pipe made up for the wastegate also.

Put a new seat in too – its Evan’s old one.  Looks junk but fits me nicely unlike the old seat which was XXXXL.  I’m aiming to make the Twilight drift day at Hampton Downs next Wed which means by then I would have also had to:

– Install a metal bracket fire extinguisher

– Paint spare left rear door and fit it

– Oil filter and oil change

– Install solid shifter bush (gravy = not groovy)

– Install 4 point harness

– Get wheel alignment.

So yeah, hope to be out there shredding some tyres next week!!!


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