Parting ways – the Carina (update)

Literally…  I’m moving on – to the DARKSIDE some might say, I say more skids hopefully!  I’m going to be parting out the Carina so let me know if you want any parts.  See my thread on GarageDori to view list of parts.

A little sad, but a little exited about soon to be in my hands new-er car too :).


UPDATE – well I’m glad to say that in the end I found someone who’s going to buy this car complete and keep it as a track car.  Keep your eyes peeled in coming months as it’ll be beating around down Taranaki ways!


3 thoughts on “Parting ways – the Carina (update)

    • Muhuhuahahaha… yeah haha. Starts with N and ends with issan! But its still 80’s (just) and its still 4 door. Should be fun, will no doubt find another Toyota project somewhere down the line!

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