The Darkside

My introduction.

So this is Gabrielle’s first post.  We have included her in our blog because she is cool and we are attempting to get her into our favourite sport of drifting!

She brought this 1997 S14 Silvia facelift arond 1 year ago. Here is her story….

Hello Bloggers!

Thanks for the intro Mike.

Ah so yeah, this is my car, including a little photoshopping done by Mike the photoshopping pro.

I’m on a budget so I’m ever so slowly getting stuff done (it may be years).  I bought it mega standard and it’s auto.. I’m sorry… I plan on converting it to manual, after some extra lessons from Mad Mel.

Just recently got some cheap coilovers off TradeMe, which we’ve prettied up (painted them blue). They were the first step.

I also bought/buying Evans fake Work Meisters (17 by 9) which Mike and I painted today, changed the gloss black to dark grey metallic.

Right now I’m waiting on tyres and wheels nuts so I can put them on.
I plan to put the coilovers in (with help of course) on the same day I can put the wheels on, I’m currently ressisting the pressure from the boys to put them in now (Mark included).

I’m noob with car talk and lack some knowledge but I hope I don’t disapoint with my decisions! 🙂


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