From one hack to another

So yeah… this is my new hack car.  It showed up in our driveway sometime yesterday so it was a bit of a surprise to see it there when I got home from work ha.  R32 4door with a SR20DET in it.  Its a runner, with a 2 1/2″ exhaust, some sort of heavy duty clutch, shit I/C piping, cutties… pretty much needs some work.

Gonna redo the FMIC, radiator and piping.  Get a 3″ exhaust put on with better dump pipe.  Coilovers, some adjustable arms, max guard rollage, strip interior, get some steering lock, remove Hicas blah blah… the usual.

Found heaps of R32 4door pics to inspire me.  Any tips on Skylines and SR20DET’s would be awesome!  Till the next update…



10 thoughts on “From one hack to another

  1. Nah gonna keep it SR20 ay. Had a look at the Hicas today, turns out the previous owner has already disabled it by welding the Hicas rack and disconnected the powersteer lines. So it probably has a S14 front steering rack in it then! Will prob still drop that subframe out and replace the bushes and stuff.

  2. Ah this is the fabled Nissan! Good luck with the new car. Most importantly than anything else when owning a Nissan is… what are you plans for wheels and aero?



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