i dub thee.. JZX102

if a 1jz gte chaser is a jzx100, and a 2jzge chaser is a jzx101, then i reckon a 2jzgte chaser should be a jzx102.

so how do you make a jzx102?

1) shove an x100 deep into the abyss of the slipway chasm

2) drag a 2jzgte out of the bushes using a van, tractor-pull styles

3) chuck it into the back of said van

4) using a hoist, without wrecking the back of the van’s roof liner with the hoist arm. WITHOUT, i said…… ahh. too late.

5) dump the 2jz carcass into the garage

6) size it up and plan the attack

7) rip out the offending 1G. god damn 1Gs. they are like a plague.

8) consider filling the gap with a rotary. or an SR40detttt

9) psyche yourself up for the hard and dull part of preparing the new motor before dropping it in. and realising you have a shitload to do – like missing intake pipes, broken sensors, unknown bodyloom pinouts, powersteering pumps on wrong side, new aircon lines needed, hydraulic fan needing deleting, intercooler too wide to fit where originally planned, no radiator, no fuel pump, no new cambelt kit, $$$$$$ etc.

10) clean up and go home.

im currently buying more parts to continue this build. if anyone has tips on gx100 body loom wiring, please let me know. also if you have a 2jzgte twin turbo intake pipe.

otherwise, theres no returning now! JZX102, or bust!



5 thoughts on “i dub thee.. JZX102

    • missing intake pipe was missing in the photos, i never even realised. other stuff was just cut on removal, hence needing to compare to yours to confirm where they are meant to go. mostly on the turbos side, controlling the sequential valves etc… lets tee up a time when ur free to pop by? 😀

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