nige’s new hack

After my markII was sold last year i had an option – chuck the cash into savings, and head off overseas to live and work. the plan was japan, so i tried my hardest – but getting a placement there for decent money, anywhere near tokyo was nigh on impossible. after several failed interviews and applications, i settled on one last 2 week holiday thru tokyo, and the markII’s sale money turned into a boring, dead stock, 77,000km, balloon tire gay wheeled 1gfe powered gx100 that had been sitting at the wharf for over a year

the only interesting thing about this one was 1) it was so high you could see the sky UNDER the car 2) it was factory manual. not the r154 box of course, just a w57 – but at 8.5k it was a damn sight more realistic than a 17k factory manual jzx100. after long consideration i decided that it would be easier to buy a factory manual version with the proper pedalbox but a crap motor, than a turbo 1j auto with a damned footbrake. and then its still a 1j after all that.

i had been looking for one for ages, and after i let a jzx101 slip thru for around 10k on trademe (i didnt have the cash back then) i was determined to make the dream happen. basically, get another rwd toyota sedan, but this time with a real motor, with real creature comforts, and real reliability. natural choice was an x100.

i never forgave myself for passing on a top spec avante jzx101, so my next thought was, build one myself! the way i saw it, i could get a gx100 for 8k, add a 2j for 2.5k, suspension 1k, lsd1k, clutch, fuel, radiator 1k, misc bits and bobs 1k, and some kind of wheels… and after 14k down im sitting on a reasonably modified 2jzgte powered manual chaser with 2-3k to spare from a factory manual tourer-V. why not, right?

the tradeoff is pure street cred and presense that only the x71 could pull, but after thinking long and hard about it, i decided that giving up on that attention would be an ok price to pay.

the other thing was, i had given up living in a flat, or a normal house with a garage, and storage space – and was now living in an apartment in town. this means, one bedroom one lounge and thats it, for space. no garage, no storage cupboards, no space for any parts, nothing. this project would need to be done with all tools and parts carried IN the project car itself. this wouldnt work for things like extra 2j motors etc so the team at the Slipway HQ kindly lent me some space to hold crap while i got my shit together. i still drive round with everything i own in the boot and backseat however, which is a real drag (sometimes literally)

my purchase of the x100 coincided with the Slipway team acquiring a JZX90 front cut which came with a bunch of cool stuff that just seemed destined for the new hack. suspension, 2way LSD, subframe, tourerV brakes, even a bosskit. so a trickling of mods happened slowly as money and time allowed.

first thing to do was to fix the 30,000ft air new zealand cruising altitude problem courtesy garage slipway importers LMVD

some weird no-name brand crap, who knows what this junk is

some wheel painting to bring out the best of those stunning rollerz it came on

the suspension worked a treat, but the black centers and polished lip look failed immediately

what the fuck. how gay is that. so all flat black it went (as you can see, no garage to work in = drive next door to the public car park next to my apartment building, jack the car and mask and paint the rims in the carpark getting overspray over all the other ped cars around the place)

i am also a fan of white writing on tyres. ever since realising that was what made bridgestone eagers look cool. and also because a white ink pen from the $2 shop only costs… well, two dollars.

the slipway lads also threw out the front lip that came off the JZX90 into the rubbish. (did you read that? they considered it rubbish – does that tell you how hard up i am.)  i pulled it out of the rubbish, cut it in two and shrunk it to fit, shaped it and screwed it on. and i debadged the grille (another free mod). it was starting to look slightly less nauseating now

im like one step away from picking up discarded cigarette butts to try to make a fag out of them. money, man. its hard to come by.

meanwhile, in a fit of reverse-trendicitis, i decided that the clear corners were to be swapped for amber – for what i think is a much more defined look

clear corners is too USDM circa 2003 as far as im concerned.

this is how she stayed for a couple of months while i saved up for the LSD, subframe, brakes, and all kinds of other nonsense. seemed like nothing was happening, but research on the swap was under way, and more purchases like an intercooler, bellhousing, lightened flywheel, boost controller, boost cut defender, body loom wiring, exedy clutch, and so on were eating away at my credit card, while the interest ate away at my soul. just imagine a bunch of sexy chicks… oh yeah. thats not what i bought, but why picture an intercooler when there are better things around?

anyway in a spur of the moment risk-take, i decided on some cheap Work Rezax rims at 18×8.5/9.5, but at a fail offset of +38/+44. i thought, for $270, why not give it a try??

chrome was all fucked and peeling off, so i thought, this is a chance to do something completely different – so i painted them flat black also. surely with some spacers i could make it work. lol. work. pun. sigh.

anyway i dont think it WORKed.  spent more money i didnt have on some 215/35 F 225/40 R rubber, turns out the 35 profile is way more visually rubber-band than 40 profile. so it looks like a hotrod now (jacked rear small wheel front) but again thats what i get for mismatched profiles and +44 rubbish i guess. hey its a WORK in progress. ok thats the end of that gag.

and the end of this bloody post.



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