its gotta be the shoes

you know how sometimes you see average-as looking dudes with average-as hair and average-as face and average-as tshirts and average-as pants… but then they walk past with some dope as baller as fuck kicks?

yea so i thought why cant i be like that guy. so i got some new shoes.

dot .com racing 17×9 +15 all round

ok so i hated the way the Rezax’s looked on the 100. i took a risk, it didnt pay off. without a kit, the 18s looked too big on the car. it looked like when you have 17s on a starlet – the wheel arches are full, the car is “lowered”, but the whole thing looks like its standing up off the ground. like a rollerskate. add to that the pretty poor offset and it became clear to me that sticking with them would just eat away at me and leave me quite dissatisfied.

so after some long hard thinking i decided to go back to a 17″ size, and shelled out on the credit card on the .com’s

i am stoked!

anyway, so thats not the only thing that was done – with evans help carting me all over auckland i sorted out picking up a bunch of parts, and got more stuff done tonite

thanks to michael from BNT – whole box of goodies from BNT including shockproof redline gearbox oil, fuchs LSD oil, full set of new brake pads for the new tourer V brakes; and thanks to Mark and Nick-  new waterpump, cambelt, idler, seals, rah rah rah

thanks to mike: motor has been stripped a bit further, waterpump etc out… needs a ton of degreaser and a good cleanup, this bitch is dirty

thanks to evan: gearbox now sports new clutch, arm, release bearing, clutch/fly/ringgear is next to go on

and the whole new jzx90 subframe, lsd, bigger swaybar, bigger axles etc, is more or less ready to bolt in

but yadda yadda yadda. who really cares when u got cool new shoes 😀 😀 😀

front offset is now aggressive as

i used some 9″ bolt on spacers for the rear for a bit of that ‘offset king’ stance

so yes. more progress this weekend. meanwhile… anyone interested in some 17×8, 17×9 +38 5×114 rims? ;D for you special price.


7 thoughts on “its gotta be the shoes

  1. hey man did you use the tyk7332 kit, i just got one in today and it doesnt fit my flywheel i got of brandon. on the clutch cover was there a different code to the box?

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