project jzx102 progress

so we’ve been busy.

cambelt done

clutch slave drilled tapped and fitted

ring gear cut off auto fly, baked and fitted to new flywheel. clutch assembled centered and fitted. engine mounts swapped from aristo mounts to jzx90. intake piping reassembled. cut vac lines reattached. water hoses rerouted. power steering high pressure line swapped for jzx90 item.  internal wiring loom cut spliced and labelled. engine loom spliced and labelled. new drivebelt, flywheel spigot bearing, waterpump, thermostat, idler, starter motor wiring, alternator wiring.

oh and turbo #1 prespool boost mod ready to go.

2jz test fitted – perfect fit. gearbox mounts bolt up factory, shifter in factory position, clutch steel line bent out of way but otherwise perfect fit. without all the actual hard work, once in it looks easy, and stock.

next up – wiring, fluids, first crank!


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