its an uphill battle – but not the touge kind

just a quick update on the “jzx102” swap. the last two weeks have been a true test of patience and acceptance of things one cannot control – as well as realising the full impact of trying to be a “car nut” while working on a car that isnt where you live. getting a car working entails more than just knowing what plugs in where – first you have to actually be there where the plugs are.

living in an apartment in the city means no garage space, just a little hole if youre lucky to cram your ride during the night. so this build is only happening with me running back and forth from town out east and whereever to buy raw materials (piping, joiners, hoses, lubricants, fluids, rah rah) during my lunch break from the city, and then fighting traffic at 5pm to get to the Slipway HQ so i can actually do work on the car. the only way things are getting done are from Mike and Evan putting in their own time to help me, and im hugely grateful for that. today was a case in point – i was all set to head out this afternoon to put in some hours – but get called into an emergency meeting at 4pm – this gets delayed till 4:30, they stuff me around till 5:20, then tell me to get the work done that they just created for me, before i go home, because its to be presented to some big bosses tomorow morning! it was 7pm before i left work and too late to head out for car work. fuckin exhausted and frustrated and nothing u can do about it. one would normally go for a blast in ones ride and beat on it – cept mine isnt going. i have the 999cc girlfriends’ starlet and thats it.

when i finally get my own house its gonna have one hell of a garage, and im ill never take for granted how important the small things are – especially good mates who lend you time and space to get your shit done. it really is the grassroots of backyard team drifters just helping each other out for the common passion.

anyway thats my rant. heres whats been happening:

a ton of wiring has been traced and sorted by the famous E C Electrical – “Brute Force and Ignorance”. with the fuel pump prime trigger hard wired to the ignition, 2 batteries daisychained by jumper leads, and the engine earthed to the body by more jumper leads popping and crackling all over the show, the motor was cranked…

and after a cough of black smoke she fired up beautifully and settled to a purr! sounds fuckin awesome… as most motors do with open headers

mike noticed a fair bit of oil spit out the turbo outlets upon revving the motor a bit, enough to form a small puddle under the car. concerned, we shut it off thinking it might be blown turbo seals or something worse??? but after the initial panic we decided to fire it again and rev it hard to blow the oil out. sure enough, it all blew out and stopped spitting oil. relief!

so with the motor ready to go, all that was left was to tie everything up – all fluids, cables, wires, mounts and bolts….. all was going well until at the end of the day i thought to straighten up the steering wheel. the wheel deflected about 10degrees, and stopped with a dead thunk – making the motor shake in the process. now why would turning the steering wheel move the engine??

when your cast factory dump pipe is jammed up against the steering knuckle, of course. FCK. day ended there on a downer.

however a followup crack at the problem saw that the cast Y pipe was a seperate piece to the factory manifold! thought it was all one piece. lifting the motor up a bit allowed it to be unbolted and removed. Evan came to the rescue again here and got a custom Y pipe made up of parts of his old 1UZ extractors, that curved the 2nd turbo outlet away and around the steering arm.

this also resulted in a 2.25″inch into 3inch collector, instead of a 2inch into 2.5inch factory restriction. win, and win. and all without having to pull the motor right out again – win3. how sweet is this thing:

all wiring has been nailed and the dash operates like factory – all except the tacho. as usual with these toyotas, the tacho always seems to be the troublesom one. will have to leave this for now unless someone has some tips to share on how to get the tach working (output from ignitor directly into the tach perhaps?????)

next up, intercooler. this was reasonably fun

finally settled on running aircon in the factory location, an MA70 supra twin core radiator, electric fans, and my 70mm scarles low height intercooler – fits perfectly under the front bumper support with nothing needing to be cut…much.

finished off with figuring out the IC piping, i really wanted to run some kind of Vmount but given the space constraints and issues with aircon heat exchanger, i was forced to go down the conventional route. this meant more runs to TubeBenders for more ali piping and bends but in the end its been sussed, simple 2.5″ all round into 3″ at the throttle body.

got this tied up just as Waz and Dave returned from meremere manji day – dramas abound. wondering why the above pic is so hazy – its cus someone with a jzx81 ripped a 3rd gear burnout on the carport 23 seconds earlier, slicing thru the garden hose in the process, and lending the garage with that underground nightclub look.

– tomorrow im taking a half day off and hope to spend the whole afternoon on the car and get things tidyed up. hoping to finish the wiring and interior, mount the dump pipe, and sort out power steering lines, radiator lines and whatnot. lots more little things before she rolls on her own power.

im sure everyones sick of it. “why didnt you get a nissan, nige?” lol

stay tuned – more updates tomorrow

can not wait to drive this thing…


3 thoughts on “its an uphill battle – but not the touge kind

  1. Hey bro. re: ur tach issue.. This originally had a N/A JZ motor did it running a distributor and im guessing this has digi dash? Not sure if this helps, but when i did my 1jz to 1jzgte conversion in my 90 I had the tach all wired correctly but wouldnt work. Discovered the tach signal from the distributor is different to the coil on plug type in the turbo 1jz.. (guessing came as 2jzgte) I took the dash to the local instrument technician, and he changed a few things to read the distributorless tach signal and then worked mint…. Not sure if you knew this.. but thought i mention.. Project is looking mean! cheers, Wade

    • yo Wade – cheers for the tip man – ur dead right, the motor used to be distributor driven, and the 2J is indeed coil on plug. the dash is not digi, just normal analog, but i assume the control board behind it is expecting a different signal>?? we couldnt even find any wire in the dash loom to wiggle the tach needle even just a little bit, so i have no idea which wire it is. will defnitely consider a technician for the mod – question is, once thats done, what wire connects to where to get that signal going!? an annoying problem…. if you think of anything else let us know man! cheers 🙂

      • oh man.. i imgine its a can of worm behind there.. I kinda didnt really want to mess anything up so i ended up geting the jzx90 combination meter diagrams from toyota NZ translated to english (seems you could get as many as you want for thirty bux! and im sure they could translate 100 ones aswel) Also i got iginition system and engine control diagrams for both 1jzge and 1jzgte to splice everything together. Im sure you want the 100 one is a bit different being iluminated and all… I have jzx90 analogue cluster diagram if you want.. it may help you to find the signal wire.. its black for both digi and analogue. To find tach signal from ecu you should be able to take cover off ecu and its usually lablled on circuit board… (you guys probabley know all these tricks) And i would continuity test it back to in cabin plug … hope this helps.. churr

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