Thomas the tank engine

(Image sauce: Joseph @ Money,, Hoes!)

Long overdue update on the Skyline.   The good:

-Went to Manji day last Sat, first drive (literally, hadn’t even been down the road prior!) in the Skyline

-Handled good, steering feel was a lot better and direct than Carina

-Power was good even though it didn’t matter as it was wet most of the day

-Made it to the track thanks to Mike (late night fuel pump and radiator fan wiring!)

-LSD was nice and tight, glad I bought it

Not so much (Thomas the Tank engine = steam engine duh):

-Blew headgasket (after Mikes run thinking back there was white smoke, but was actually steam lol.  We let it cool down, I took it for some donuts then blew top radiator hose, overheated even more.  Got a new hose , drove sweet for one run  then some more steam and wouldn’t run/ide and told by mates that HG is gone burgers)

-Needs a better alignment, less camber in the rear

But overall, it was still an enjoyable day and after learning more about SR’s – having a metal head gasket is pretty much a must so will begin taking head off this weekend.  Can’t wait to have another go in it soon!

Goodies – Tomei 2way and 17×9 +17 CR Kai.  I’ve been Trade Me-ing it up!

So yeah, a few things to do with the major ones being the head gasket and a bit of a re-wire as previous owner’s wiring is shocking.  Then a few smaller things like installing my bucket seat, strut brace, kit???  Followed by lots of thrashing :@!



8 thoughts on “Thomas the tank engine

  1. Fuck is that a LE Sparco dragon sticker? Where the hell did you find that? I have been searching for years on yahoo for that thing!

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