…sounds good to me..

progress on the 2j swap – its down to the small nitty gritty stuff that takes the longest to do.

to cut a long story short, here’s the jist of it:

i reckon that sounds pretty sick! and how quiet is that idle with no exhaust??

since last post, a couple of things have happened.

radiator+elec fans+shroud fitted and plumbed; camry throttle cable fitted; engine mount bolts finally done up after adding oil filter sandwich plate and oil pressure sender for new gauges (oil filter was in the way of the mount bolt); boost sender mounted; new air filter pipe and IC piping beaded by mike and installed; evan’s exhaust downpipe fitted, oxy sensor extended; broken IACV VSV valve sourced and replaced, brake booster vacuum hose connected; heater lines connected; gearbox topped up with Redline Shockproof; powersteering connected and filled; clutch bled; plugs sanded, coils cleaned up…

lovin the IC work – simple and sweet

still a couple of things to do – there is a pesky water leak from the firewall heater hose (of course in the most inaccessible place) and my boost taps need to be tee’d and plumbed in, and the electric fans need to be connected to the thermo switch and relayed up – otherwise all underbonnet work is more or less completed

heres some earlier pics before the radiator work etc

last on the list – exhaust to be made up, rear subframe swapped in, front brakes swapped over, reassemble interior with new gauges (have decided to run an 80mm tacho instead of f34king around with pulling the dash apart to rewire the tach for now) and then she should be ready for certification and WOF!

watch this space, shes comin along nicely 😀


5 thoughts on “…sounds good to me..

    • good question, here are the cons of a large cooler
      – not gonna run 700wkw just yet so not needed for now
      – not keen on 5psi pressure drop and lag from trucksize cooler
      – didnt have $$ to spend on a brand name bling jobbie
      – this cooler’s internal volume (doesnt look like it but its 76mm thick which is reasonable) will flow 500whp so more than adequate – intent was for short run piping and max midrange drivability not top end HP
      – original plan was to high mount cooler up in the nose for ultra short piping, didnt work out in the end as dimensions were too tight, but that was part of the reason for a low hight stubby one
      – also origiinally intended to keep aircon so had to make something work around stock aircon pressure bottle and hard lines
      – not keen on hacking up factory bumper supports and gaining floppy-bumper syndrome
      – bumper plastic will restrict airflow if cooler was any higher (its quite a restrictively designed bumper, not like a GTR or anything) so for anything bigger to be effective id have to end up cutting the plastic out the front bumper around the licence plate mount thus turning the car into what looks like a a hacked up GTIR from south auckland
      🙂 that was my direction anyway

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