stopping power

So i finally got around to sorting out the front brakes. Running r33 gtst 4 pot callipers, combined with Ba falcon xr6 turbo 298mm front discs and bendix ultimate brake pads. Had to have a hub locator ring made up, so had Zac from Endevour engineering made them. Seem to work well from what little i have driven the car. True test will be this weekend at Taupo!


11 thoughts on “stopping power

  1. what suspension is it serial9 or megans? (or other)
    I have a similar setup in my 81, T3 rca’s & r33 brakes, only king springs =s
    so you relocated the swaybar mounts to lower arm?

    • yip running bc coilovers (think they are called megans in the states) with t3 rcas lengthened lower control arms, shortened steering arms, sway bar re-locators and r33 gtst 4 pots. re-locating the sway bar mounts gave is a more positive feel than running them in the factory position.

  2. ahh so the bc’s are made specific for X81 (with the weld in sleeve) ??
    how much and where from? do you know what the spring rates are?

    • Hey dude they are made for mx83/x81 with weld in sleeve, spring rates are 12 front 8 rear paid $1300 NZ about a year ago which was cheap as for brand new bc’s. No complaints either they are sweet as

  3. cool good work anyway man, it looks the part and has had the work done where it should be..
    Mine wont be ready for another couple of months but will definately be seeing the track eventually. I think X chassis are on the up and up. it would be cool to muscle in on the nissan boys with some 4 door formation drifting!

  4. Sorry to be asking this. But where did you get the lengthened lower control arms made or where did you buy them? Hoping they aren’t ikeya items…

    And where did you buy them BCs? So cheap… starts from $1400 AUD here.

    Also how hard was it to fit R33 GTST calipers and BA brakes? Any major engineering? Or is it all bolt on? Besides the hub locater being custom made… (how much did that cost, if you don’t mind me asking)?

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