JZX102 – touchdown!

so an update on this project! after a flurry of work thanks to Mr E.C.Electrical, the chaser saw its exhaust completed finally – and i set about swapping the tourer V front brakes on. i also finalised the gauges and tacho layout, plumbed the turbo1 prespool controller, sorted the electric fans thermoswitch, just all the last few bits and pieces. FINALLY it was time to get her off those blasted jack stands and back on its four feet again. here she is once again at ground level, suddenly it looks rearing to go

all looking pretty stock in there! unfortunately after getting her down and firing her up, we realised nothing was going to happen – it had been pissing down and the garage exit was a mud swamp, the chaser was stuck behind davy’s head-less R32, and Waz’s beast that was locked and Waz not home! all we could do was chuck her into reverse and 1st and roll up and down about 3 feet. god dammit! but she was running and as far as we could tell all seemed ok.

here’s the rest of the pics in full size from that night

this was on friday night and i was off to Sydney for a week the very next morning so i couldnt make any more progress myself, but whilst wandering around Darling Harbour i got a txt from Mike going on about how loose the car was! obviously it was out and about on the road terrorising mt wellington -hence the photo on the blog of her out on the driveway a few posts ago –  awesome. the news seemed good, and i was itching to get home to take her out.

my chance finally came the saturday after when i managed to get back to the garage – the boys informed me that, while it was performing great for the most part, the clutch seemed to slip under load once the motor was getting down to business… and just recently it seemed to stop boosting properly – somethign was wrong. a quick testdrive found a simple problem – the turbo2 IACV controller vac line had popped off and was no longer opening the airstream from turbo2 – i was only running off 1 turbo at 10psi max. back to full power and the car is all over the road at the touch of the throttle – totally crazy in greasy conditions. it also randomly hits boostcut, and after about 15mins of starting up, the engine check light mysteriously comes on. teething problems that will be worked on nonetheless.

either way, that was it for now, and the machine was baby’d home in the wet, back to my apartment block basement where it used to live

couple more photos here. yes, it is also time to stop using my goddamn cellphone for these grainy as fuck pics – i dont own a proper camera so once this thing is legal i will be keen on a proper hard parker fatlace parkup shoot somewhere… ;>

so i think that concludes “Stage One” of this project!!! next up on the list is certification, and then WOF and REG and officially its out and on the prowl. not the end of the project by any means, i have yet to give it a full wheel alignment, and complete the necessary mods for cert – but as a more interesting teaser i have an SAFC lined up to install, then its off to the dyno for some baseline runs and fine tuning! i hope this setup is making about 220wkw stock, and perhaps 250wkw with a tune, if the fuel pump allows. (safe limit on stock twins is 265wkw, so im not gonna push it – there is bucketloads of torque already – u can putt around town at 50kmh in 5th at just above idle, drives brilliantly!) …so watch this space!

MASSIVE THANKS to the slipway team for all the help and especially the time and space in the garage for as long as this took – it was a ton of late nights for me going back and forth from the city after work in peak hour traffic as well as many sacrificed weekends to get this far (as well as the bloody hole burnt in the bank!) so thanks guys and man im due for a well deserved break i think!

awesome build quality on this one and final product is a killer streeter – i am stoaked. Slipway can be proud of this one. 2jz! no shit.


4 thoughts on “JZX102 – touchdown!

  1. Wow. Awesome story. Hold on… is Garage Slipway a proper workshop or someone’s garage? Looking for a JZX100 workshop other than IS Motor Racing.

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