Knuckle tech

Decided to make another set of modified Knuckles for the Soarer, this is the 3rd set now with each gradually getting shorter.

Not alot of people in NZ know about shortening steering arms and some think it is very dodgy, The Jap’s have been doing it forever and Me and Waz have used these for afew years and have never had a issue.

I took abit more time to get them exactly the same either side, made alittle wooden jig up while i tacked them up, I made these ones with a drop down to help correct some of the tie rod angle, I also halved the stock akerman and these are about 40mm shorter than stock Mz one’s, I use My 200amp Tig welder to weld them, letting them cool slowly. The Cast steel is very pure and weld’s up real nice.

Im Using JZX81 front struts with JZX steering arms, Here’s a comparison between Stock MZ11 arms, my last set , and the latest ones.

This shows the drop down.

If anyone is interested in having some knuckles modded get in touch on…

I will be trying some JZX90 ones out and will also do Gx71,AA60,AE86 type.

Im not sure if they will be Legal for road use but if they were painted black you could not tell, Also You will probably need to have some Good offset on the front as it will pull the wheel closer the the chassis rail and will also quicken your steering ratio.


3 thoughts on “Knuckle tech

  1. if you ever decide to venture out and do some A70 Supra knuckles I’d buy some. They’re very similar to the A80 Supra and X90 Soarers’ but no one seems to drift A70s here in America so there’s not much out there for them as far as steering angle mods go!

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