Jzx81 Streeter Build

SO me and Evan have been very busy.

Basically found a factory 1JZ-GE automatic Jzx81 for a good price, Looked around the shed and basically had everything to convert it to Manual 1JZ-GTE.

THURSDAY night Came around so we headed off to Cambridge (1 1/2 hour away) to pick it up, Evan absolutely Hooned it home, Doing Big Neutral-Drive Dump outs at every possible intersection. The NA motor went real good too!

FRIDAY, Pieced together New Engine, box and Clutch ready for install.the motor is a Import JZX90 Motor complete with Remote shift  R154 attached.

SATURDAY, Huge day ahead, Old motor out, swap mounts, Auto Xmember, digi speedo drive, Cleaned up engine bay. BANG new motor ready to install, was all going really smoothly till this point, Turns out the G/box tunnel is too small for the Beefy R154, This took us awhile to bash tunnel to get enough clearance.

Turns out the MA70 driveshaft we has lying around was also the right length, had to swap the Hanger bearing to original. This was about it for the day.

SUNDAY, Start on splicing new loom into existing Body loom, luckly we have done this many times and turned out to be really simple, inside the old ecu the cuircuit board is all labled so it was just wire to wire. Finished tidying up all lose end’s, Had to do a pick a part misson on our smoko break to get a throttle cable and a clutch line, ended up using a factory LX81 Throttle cable and a Nissan ABS line for the clutch, SWEET. Everyting was going to good to be true, and so the car gods strike, Went to check ecu Powers etc flick IGN on and wipers started, Jamming a small metal bracket under the arm and CRACK, there goes the windscreen, F!#$K. AND Now we have No dash lights DOH.

MONDAY/Today, Another trip to Pick a part to get a Remote P/Steer Resovior, Then to HCD to get some I/C joiners and P/steer hose, This was In between plumbing Jobs. Dam. Evan Went to Tube Bending to grab some Mandrel bend’s for Intercooler pipes and exhaust. Got Home and straight into it, Found circuit opening relay Trigger, Sweet now we have fuel Pump, Cranked engine and Bang Fired Straight away and Idieled Like it hadn’t even left the 90. So Enough blabber, heres some pics, been so busy havent taken many.

The Two Tone Best.

Mark II Front At its best.

Motor in And mostly Finished.

Modified the outlet Pipe

Modified Vr4 cooler with 2.5″ Outlets

Mess/intercooler/exhaust to be

Next Post will have skid vid’s, Car will Get bride recliner, Nardi woodgrain wheel, apexi gauges, BC Coilovers, Wheels.

If you are interested in possibly buying this get in contact asap. Will be for sale in next few months.



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