now i can finally roll legit. still feel like im rolling against the law on my way back from the post office – not used to it! feel like im gonna get pulled over any second hah. will take a bit of time to get used to driving round now.

so next up :

– swap proper wheels back on and stance it out proper

– give it a proper clean!!! and some proper photos

– contemplating stealthing out the IC and piping gunmetal or flat black

– need to trace the problem with the engine check light coming on after 15mins of driving

– need to test clutch to ensure its not slipping on motorway under boost in 3rd/4th as it FEELS like it…

– LED bulbs swap

– install my sounds that ive been sitting on since forever


thanks again to mike and evan for their help on this build – and davy thanks for the rims bro ill be back to swap them back round asap!

stay tuned for more


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