JZX Progress, Shiney Parts!

Progress has been a bit slowish the last few days, still having issues with the Dash not working and the intercooler piping is alittle tricky since were keeping the aircon in etc, had to put in a smaller battery to sneak pipe behind headlight the down infront of wheel well.

On the bright side, our coilovers arrived today, they are BC reds, The Quality vs price on these is amazing, They even came with little swaybar Relocaters as the old bar mounted to the strut body. The fronts need to be welded onto the bottom spindle, so will TIG them on tomorrow.

also Sectioned a 3″ Staple bend to make a 2-1 collector, we decided twin 3″ pipes exiting on a slight angle is gana look the best.

More Updates as we get round to it.


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