friday the 13th strikes

Looking for a carpark this morning getting to work, decided to U-turn up a hill  (Hereford St right outside my work).

Hill has heavy camber rolloff either side, and was wet.  Rolled to 90degrees around, then on a blip of power, arse came out, “fell” off to the left down into the camber of the road, into the curb.

weight of all my tools/parts in the boot did not help the momentum

welding wire is holding the hub center because otherwise the hub toes-in like 30degrees and becomes 3wheel steering.

impact was like at 0km/h – just from the arse swinging round. entire hub ripped off the upper/lower arms, and caliper ripped off the hub, and gouged up the inside of the mag – mainly cus i tried to move fwd after impact which it didnt like. upper/lower suspension arms SEEM undamaged however swaybar connector thingy is bent a bit. mag is now new living room ornament. brake rotor ‘exploded’ into many pretty pieces.

luckily didnt hit any bmws/mercs on the way. now need new left rear hub/brake/caliper assembly. anyone?

should have driven the starlet to work.


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