rear wing

Well good news a bunch of new goodies arrived the other day and one of those was my Big Win kit for the 81. Looks hella gangsta, but still waiting on my new sets of rims which should arrive 3 days before I leave for Europe for 2 months 🙂 Then last of all put the serial nine rear arm set in when it arrives!

Once I get back its all happening, I plan to repaint my car basically the same colour but in a better paint as the 1st attempt looked good in photos but shit in person. Flare out the rear guards to take the new wheels and throw a single turbo in the works probably a hks Gt 3076r I’m thinking?

Then In the new year order up a final konnexion rear wing, and try find me a roof wing think that will top it off nicely. All thats left to do then is to take it out for some track beat downs.

not a fan of the final konnexion kit but do like the rear wing, it was a decision between that and the big win rear wing. I like the more agressive look the final konnexion wing gives tho.


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