posing at the viaduct

quick update, the chaser is fixed again, and back on the road. was a huge mission trying to get jzx100 turbo parts to replace the smashed hub and brake components, especially when finding out that jzx90/100 parts, while interchangable, are not actually the same. end result is a frankenstien of 90/100 parts and turbo/nonturbo parts. anyway its done now, took her down to the viaduct to piss around with some photos during a brief bit of sun that came out on sunday for 5 mins inbetween massive weatherstorms and earthquakes and whatever else is happening these days

hardparking with my brother’s new euro L  ;p

next up – have just purchased a walbro 500hp in-tank to replace the struggling stock 1G pump, this is going in with the SAFC and couple of other tidy-up mods, package is going in for proper tuning and see what it will do reliably at about 1bar or so.  will keep ya’s posted.


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