A million and 1 things

So Been super slack at updating ya’ll on whats happning with the Z10,

Im shocking at starting a million things and half finishing em all. At the moment this is how it all looks.

Engine painted along with crossmembers and brackets (excuse the teal colour it WAS leftover paint from davys Carina!), Half finished my rear Flare’s, they have ended up needing heaps of filler from all the welding, and i suck at it!

Motor and turbo are well on there way to being done, just make some more braces for the NEW 44mm Tial wastegate and finish modding exaust along with twin stainless 3″ pipes.

Havnt sussed my final colour yet but looking along the lines of a Suzuki swift Gunmetal blue with a nice think metalic! If anyone has contacts in the industry id love to get helped out for a decent price!

Anyways here afew Snaps!

Also i cut out the inner tub’s, didnt want to do it but Shit was not gana turn under there at the height i want it!

also Snuck some R33 turbo 4 pot calipers and BA falcon 300mm disc’s

Viennas still rule my world!


4 thoughts on “A million and 1 things

  1. hey man whats up? what kind of 5 stud set up you running ? i got my hand on some 3peice work rims and they are sick as shit but they are 5stud if i run them with my 4-5 hub adaptors they will stick out way to far and look rude as or i can get smaller outers but then wont have mad dish, flick me a email if ya want or hit me up on oldschool.co.nz user name is craig_b .
    cheers man

    • hey man, i used jzx81 front set up, along with custom welded and machined up rear hubs.
      Im thinking of parting the soarer out for real, or selling the whole thing, if theres any bits you may want lemme know.
      Got cusco 2way, r33 4 pot front brakes, modded subframes full 5 stud etc.

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