Manfield raceway

Firstly sorry about our super lazy efforts at updating the blog, In saying that plenty has been happening just no regular updates. Will endervor to make more of an effort to post some shit up.

Anyway last weekend mike myself and a few of the crew headed down to Manfield raceway for a DMNZ drift day. Thankfully the weather held out and gave us sun all day. It was to be the last time the soarer would see the track under mikes ownership as it is to be retired for good. So if you are interested in buying a mz11 rolling shell minus motor and gearbox give mike a shout, other wise its to be cut up. The soarer went mint all day smoking through tyres with the exception of  only one  broken axle.

The jzx81 was handling the best it ever has with new springs 18kg up front and 12kg in the rear. 235’s gave it heaps of grip to. Unfortunately I had to drive the 1st four sessions with a miss and couldn’t hold the throttle open all the way. Luckily after a bit of a play around with the safc we sorted the miss, and was able to drive 100% better. Manfield is an awesome track can’t wait to head back there again.

here is a video i stole from the boys over at Thanks guys

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