Out with the old, in with the new

So the Soarer has found a new owner, as of next week it will be out of my life for good. It’s been such a good learning curve owning it, learnt everything i know from it.

The new owner is not gana know what hit him when he gets it back up and running, the thing WAS a drift weapon.

So Anyways, we cant be without a project of somesorts, so i finally got my hands on a JZX90, well its an ex deisel Mark II, so i will be bringing it up to tourer V spec . Im super exited to have a car with interior! how weird huh?

On this build i will be keeping it very low key, with wheels that fit within stock gaurds, and as many factory parts as i can use, AND a subtle body kit, yes finally i have something i can buy one for! and of course smash it and repair with 100’s of cable ties! am i right?

Heres afew snaps of the car as it sits now. Fairly straight body and interior wise. Will get a coat of something glossy and some chrome shoes.

Black interior is BEST

Engine and Box from Soarer, I will have it tuned to 1.2bar, hope around 400ps at rear wheels.

CUSCO TYPE RS 2WAY LSD, Same as i had in Soarer, but the BIG BOY size.

Trusty BC Gold coilovers, I do rate these over 2nd hand JAP junk, I will go for a 18kg/12kg set up.

First proirty is get the thing up and running asap, i will Make some knuckles and run some jzx110 castor arms, other than that factory items are much better that china crap, so i will keep with that theme.

Keep an eye out for more updates, once i get abit of spare time.

Chow, mike


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