Dmnz taupo

Went for a hack in the 81 over the weekend. Not much to report back on other than my car ran like shit most of the day.  Its handling mint bit still isn’t running rite. My  guess is it’s running out of fuel in high rpm so since the fuel system has been one of the areas i’ve spent the lest amount of time and money on, i think its time to upgrade the lot.

2jz-gte injectors and a 500hp intank fuel pump then a dyno tune should hopefully sort out the problems i’ve been having.

Of the 6 session we had during the day I only managed to finish 4, and because I couldn’t keen the throttle wide open I was having problems linking the long straights between two of the corners in the course. Driving Taupo in reverse was awesome I just wished my car had been up to the task.

Keisuke came down for the trip and managed to get a few snaps.

In other news i have sold all my wheels, ahhh what to do…. guess you will just have to wait and see.



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