JZX90 Parts Gathering

So been hunting out all the parts im going to need to get the Mark II all driving and stuff.

Also Been sussing out a whole bunch of stuff from japan through Ewan fron hayatonka. Will post pics of them when they arrive.

Here’s pics.

TRD X-member brace, Basically ties the main x member into the castor mounts, the Tourer V have a Factory Pussy one, and mine didn’t have any.

LX90 vs Tourer V axles, Huge difference in shaft diameter and CV. From what i gather there is # different styles of axles on the 90/100 series.

Greddy Cooler, Should see the cool cores on these, Will work better that CHINA one.

Interior so far, SUPERMADE Matts, Recaro SPG, NARDI, Soon to be factory woodgrain interior panels.

Factory Alloy JZX brackets, engine and box


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