Serial Nine

Guess what, my Serial nine arms arrived during the week!  So I got to putting one side in today, and they fit awesome. I will have to change two bushes for the camber arm and traction rod arm just to fully tighten the rear end up nicely. I have to say that the build quality is just awesome. The attention to detail makes all the difference.

new arms vs old factory junk

Arms in temporally untill i get those bushes sorted out. Must get around to clean up the underside of my car?

A shot of the jzx81 with its new facelift headlights sticking out. NEED a facelift bonnet/hood what ever you want to call it ASAP. Then Ill make a drop vent carbon bonnet  for it.


2 thoughts on “Serial Nine

  1. Glad to see you finally got them mate. I remember you telling me you ordered them way back, like.. way back in 2002?

    Haha good stuff.

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