Snuck down to a S club drift day at Meremere on Saturday to do some “testing”, Car went pretty good for the first outing, found a few weak points on it though, Lack of steering lock and flogged out rear cradle bushes, will have these sorted in time for a drift day in taupo next month.

Heres a couple sneaky shots i stole from Keisuke of 86 fighters.


4 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. What you going to do about the cradle bushes? I have braced up my rear subframe with Ikeye Formula collars but find that it’s the diff bushes that are making the knocking noise isntead…

  2. i have welded plate over my orignal diff bushes so that is not a problem, i think the whole sub is moving back and forth, i really dont want to use alloy bushes cause it will make the whole rear end noisy

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