Action !!

SO we did some drift’s on the long weekend just been.  The track was hired by Chris from Zeroclass, it was his 21st birthday the night before so no one was feeling 100% in the morning. It was held on a small section of the Taupo racetrack, the section started about 3/4 of the way down the back straight with either a Feint/handbrake or clutch kick initiation ( I tried everyone with some success) at around 120kmph in 3rd gear, then switch to the left and off the gas, then slow up with the handbrake into the hairpin, from here it was full throttle onto the front straight. Such a cool little course, pretty hard on the tyres as there wasn’t much time between each run. Anyway here is a couple of vid’s of me and Wazzy givi’n it heaps haha.


One thought on “Action !!

  1. Good to see the 90 hussing up a storm haha. And Wazzys 81 sounds ruthless as fuck… did you replace petrol with an SPCA load of stray cats or something? WHCHHHHHHHHHZYHCYZHZZZZZZCYZHCYZCHYZHCYCZHZZZZZSSHSHHHHHHHHHSHSHHHHHHHSHSZYSYWYWZYWZSHSZH <- sound of wastegate.

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