Front End set up

Heres the front set up on the Jzx90,

It includes,

Billspear Knuckles, 25mm YAJ RCA, Subaru Legacy Rack ends, JZA80 twin Pot Brakes, Genuine Toyota JZX110/SXE10 Castor arms.

Running factory Castor (around 6 degrees) and -4 degrees camber

The Jzx110 castor arms have bigger mounting bolts than the stock 90 ones (m16 instead of m14) so the jzx90 lower arms have to be drilled out to 17mm.

Running 18×9.5 +23 (+38 with 15mm bolt on) wheel ends up with very minimal clearance to castor arm at full lock (see pic).

This kinda explains why all the comp jzx90/100 in japan run the large bolt on’s, just not possible to get near Silvia lock with the stock fenders.




Also last weekend i shorted the factory rear Toe and Camber arms by 10mm, i figured this would be way better than running some junky china arms and would be alot better for street driving. At the middle of the cam bolt adjustment this shows the camber, before it was the same as the front.


2 thoughts on “Front End set up

  1. Couple of questions of this setup if you could please sir:
    1) Is the front jzx90 suspension pretty much the same as the SX10 Altezza?
    2) Did the RCA spacer help the front caliper from hitting the coilover? From factory ive only got about 39 degrees steering with 5 degrees to play with then im hitting.
    3) Does you upper A arm have a tendency to hit the upper shock tower with your current setup?


    • I think the suspension is very similar in design.
      I’m not sure about caliper hitting the shock? I don’t see how it would do that..
      Yea when it was at its lowest and i hit a large bump or similar the A arm would bottom out, I’ve seen people shorten the cast arm thing to drop the a arm down, but seems a little dodgy

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