The flame still burns

Sometimes I wished I’d kept my old Carina, had it stored away and simply be there for the day I decide to do it up all properly to ultimately what I had desired it to be.

80’s Japanese cars are probably my favourite cars of all time (especially Toyota’s, and a soft spot for FC RX7’s) .  I think it’s got something to do with the fact that my dad had once owned 2-3 1980’s Mitsubishi’s which were along the same lines, straight lines that is. Further mum even once owned a Nissan Langley Turbo (ET15 with vertical boost gauge and digi-dash!!!), one of many 80’s doorstop designs.

I like the pragmatic style, though clearly the designers and engineers were trying to be innovative (and were at the time) , but struggling break out of the box and ended up with blocks of unsalted Anchor butter with wheels and flying wedge.  But that was the 80’s.(Credit Midnight Mechanics and Grant Scott).  But interpretation is free so you can make of it what you want.  This white Carina above is doing it so so right.  Standard exterior, some nice wheels, fender mirrors, Bride seat, Nardi and by all accounts a very loud 4AGE.  And the best thing is that it’s a pre-facelift!  I’d want mine to be turboed, or do the unsavoury and ‘chuck in’ a SR20DET… (3T, you were good to me, but its time to… I’m sorry I have to go).

To be fair I never got the Carina to where I wanted because my heart wasn’t 100% in it.  I wanted to muck around with cars, go drifting and so on, but it required the motivation and dedication which I really didn’t have.  So I’d like to have another go at it in the future, for real but also for fun.  Another chance and challenge.

But this doesn’t discount at all the fun I had along the way, which is most important, an opportunity to share good times with mates and make new friends.  And regardless of where I got to with the Carina, at least it was still my car and I think to any car enthusiast, that’s what matters.

(Credit Matt Malcolm).  When will this happen?  Probably not for a while seeing I’m living/working in China now and owning cars let alone modifying them outside of what’s available domestically is not practical or possible in many ways.  In fact it may never happen as priorities shift with the times, but hey, here’s hoping.


6 thoughts on “The flame still burns

  1. wow, cool story man, sad. hope you do get another one and come back to nz! too much of a love of cars to let it slip!
    all the best, zac

  2. $800 bucks of rust bucket goodness. Honestly that 3T was a workhorse, so many thrashings and starts first time after you’ve left it for 3 months!!!

  3. I think any1 that is involved in (see inslaved too) this life style we live can relate to this story!! for me i have many i should of kept! all the best with your mission! Lets all join together and save the old dying breed of lite RWD cars! may thet never dissapear!

  4. Davy! ! ! haha nice to know you took good care of her, and just letting you know shes parked up in a shed nice and safe and many old toyotas to keep her company! Just a few more cars to get rid of and ill have the money to finnish her! never regreted buying this awesum car. I love it to pieces! sort of wana paint it back silver again tho haha

    • Hey James! Good to hear from you man. I was just talking to Mike last week and was wondering how the Carina ended up. Good to know that you’re still enjoying the car. Send us some pics once you’ve painted it! Cheers

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