New Heart

So my old engine set up is sold and has made way for this

vvti 1jzgte. Ive also bought a full jzx100 manual conversion and all im planning on using is the remote shift r154, so the rest will be up for sale when it arrives in nz.

So now all I need is a clutch/flywheel and a link g4 extreme and we will be away skidding in no time!

7 thoughts on “New Heart

  1. is it worth all this work just to go to VVTi? Couldn’t justify the cost of going 2J?

    love the blog btw lads 🙂 keep em coming!

    • Nah didn’t want to go 2jz, plus for the pirce i picked up a r154 box and vvti 1j I still have money left over from the sale of my old engine set up

  2. I think the main reason Waz is going vvti is the fact it is alot newer engine, and keeping it simple and factory will eliminate alot of future hassles. To do a proper single turbo conversion is BIG Bucks, but this way was will still have similar power as before and lots of low down torque with the vvti

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