Went Drifting!

So I decided id Drive down to Hampton downs race track for an evening session of drifting, was really cool driving down, no stress with trailers and tow cars, i just threw two pairs of spares in the back seat along with my jack and afew tools and I was off.

The JZX90  has got stupid amounts of traction, just wants to straighten up threw the drift, kinda weird. I’m regretting taking some of the rear camber out now.. I feel with a good tune and more boost it should be perfect. Also one thing i have found is there’s really no compromise between a full track car and a street car. My recliner seat doesn’t hold me in very well at all and I cant really hear the exhaust.. But finally it is handling really great! I can confidently Manji in 3rd gear and the car just feels nice and settled. I’m going to try to get it tuned to run a higher boost, once I install a fuel cut defender to get rid of the stupid boost cut!

Not many photo’s but ive found this vid someone has put together, you can see me in it briefly.


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