Port Vauban Anitbes France

Well in 6 weeks I’m leaving good old NZ for a few years. France here I come to work on super yachts. So as far as car related stuff goes from me. I cant imagine there will be a whole lot of posts. I would like to think ill come back home and build another car maybe give d1 ago in a jzx100! In time i guess we will find out.

Most of the jzx81 is now gone. It has been parted out, so will live on in other cars. Still have a few bits if anyone is keen. Sad to see it go but I’ve had one hell of a good time with it. Learning new skills meeting new friends its been awesome. Although all good things must come to an end to make way for new adventures.

Peace Waz


7 thoughts on “Port Vauban Anitbes France

  1. Have a rad time over there my man! Has been awesome watching your build over past few years, sad to see it all but gone but im shore you will be back one day with something bigger and better. All the best

  2. Have a friend doing the same thing, she loves it. Hope you have a great time and love some pics of your adventure if you can.

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